Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's That Time of Year Again!

'Tis the season to break out that festive sweater that doesn't match anything and start strewing lights over every surface you see! Hope you've started shopping (I haven't).

In honor of the holiday season, I've decorated my blog all kinds of garish colors and added holiday songs to the music player. Don't forget that my Snow Day EP is available on iTunes (link button below), and you can click on "Gift this Music" to give it to your loved ones.

Mike Schmid - Snow Day - EP

What are you doing to prepare for the holidays? Hit me with comments.

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  1. Heather and I thought we heard Full House used in a commercial for a Christmas Carol tv movie. Is thi accurate?? I think I was watchin it on AMC

  2. I'm listening to Snow Day

  3. Brian, I'm not aware of that usage, but it's possible.

    Aaron, glad to hear it!

  4. Yea I heard it being played on AMC as well. My dad was flipping through the channels and I heard a familiar song and I was thinking where have I heard that song before and then it hit me and I was like TURN IT BACK! haha That got me some weird looks from my parents so then I whispered to my sister "It was Mike Schmid's song." lol
    btw, "Little Noah" is such a beautiful song and I tear up every time I listen to it.

  5. Cool! at least someone else heard it too, so I'm no crazy. I had to rewind it on the DVR to be sure.

  6. Ordering the wonderful "The House We Built" and "The High Cost of Living" CDs for my closest friends. And generally ignoring advertisers' exhortations to endlessly buy! buy! What we'll remember years from now is being with our families and friends, not what we received. Unless we got a car.