Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hot Girls On Bikes

Amsterdam. Beautiful, beautiful Amsterdam.

After BBC Switch, Jaco, Candice, Jamie and I flew from London to Holland for a little time off.

We stayed on this houseboat.

Which was very exciting,

and showcased a gorgeous view at night.

The streets were full of people on bicycles, flying every which way. It seemed incredibly dangerous to me; I always felt on the verge of being mowed down by some two-wheeled maniac.

One of Jamie's good friends wrote a song about the city, called "Hot Girls on Bikes," due to the scorching hotness of said girls on said bikes. They all looked like models...whizzing past us at high speeds. Jamie was totally into it, because he just likes to look, and not actually talk to girls he finds attractive. I didn't love it as much. By the time I even noticed them, they were already gone. Somehow though, it seemed a fitting metaphor for my lovelife.

Amsterdam is all about Overwindowing

We spent 3 days walking, relaxing, eating, walking, going to museums, eating, walking, and massaging our aching feet. The Van Gogh museum was quite moving.

Our final day in town was punctuated by an extremely random and violent hailstorm, which was kinda fun.

Hail on the houseboat next door.

Then we were off to Berlin.

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1 comment:

  1. Yeah right, you crack me up. Can't imagine yourself or Jamie having any trouble grabbing the ladies' attention. I like all your photos, they're awesome.
    Hey, that's some supercool footage of you guys on the Breakout Platinum Edition DVD, sure beats the blur and god-awful comments on YouTube.
    Anyway Mike, hope you get to have a lovely Christmas with sweet Noah. Take care. ;] <3 S.
    PS: Ooh Candice looks very beautiful with her blonde hair. It's not as pretty as Jaco's, but yep it's right up there.