Monday, May 12, 2008

Wango Tango

People have been asking, "approximately how many people do you think were at Wango Tango?" I've always been terrible at guessing how many candy corns are in the jar, so count for yourselves:

What - 10,000? 20,000? 30,000?


To me, "a lot" covers it. Especially when they're mostly screaming teenage girls. It's loud, no matter what the number.

This was an important show for us. It was our first show outside of the big Disney bubble, playing to a mainstream rock crowd. Of course, many folks from said bubble were present and enjoying themselves. No one was really surprised that Miley went over like gangbusters. She does just happen to be an incredibly entertaining and stunningly talented young lady, and I think that appeals to more than just one demographic.

The big shindig took place in a dusty void otherwise known as Irvine, California. So once again, we were left to our own boring devices for several hours with nothing but a mini carnival and some La Salsa to keep us busy. And some celebrities here and there. Kim Kardashian and her family were present, as were a bunch of people from that reality show "The Hills" (on which I'll refrain from expressing my opinion) and I swear I saw Phil Collins, though Jamie says it wasn't him.

I ended up watching a movie on my iPod in the dressing room. Aren't I exciting!?

The set was really fun and energetic. While we were playing, offstage to my right I noticed various dancers who weren't performing (just being supportive), Jack from the Jonas Brothers, Ryan Seacrest and Lindsay Lohan. Interesting mix.

I leave you with a picture of the Jonas Brothers during their set:

(What You Sick People Come Here For)

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  1. LOL - hey - I won't lie - I love the JB...but I come here for you Mike. (^-^)b

  2. I don't know if you read the blog Idolator, Mike, but even those congenitally snarky music snobs praised the set in their typically backhanded way - I was really excited to see this:

    Idolator Blogpost

    And yes, I did also first find your blog and ultimately your album because of the Jonas Brothers - so haha thanks for the snap. But more importantly...are you planning any solo shows on the East Coast in the near-ish future? Say, Philly?

  3. Miley's set blew me away. The kid is special, no two ways about it.
    I was wondering where you were during the JoBros set! Now I know.
    Should have come over to section 5and said hi!

  4. what in the world are you talking about? that's not the only thing people come here

    No, it's cool reading about everything even if it's not jonas related.

  5. yes Miley is indeed a incredibly entertaining and . stunningly talented young lady, and yes her demographic dose range from 6 to 106! & that why people & her fans do lover her for who she is.

  6. Mike, you know me so well! No really, I did stumble across your blog as a result of Greg Garbo's but that's not the reason why I have continued to read every. single. post.

    Whether is JB, Miley or your average daily stuff - I love this blog because of YOU :)

  7. hey mike. i was second row and i totally saw you and screamed "thats mike!" but ppl looked at me like i was crazy. lol the concert was great though.

  8. OH! And you're the "fly on the wall" voice. I was wondering about that.

  9. Mike-
    I know this may sound silly, but I want to thank you for always posting Miley in a positive light. The fans appreciate it very much, and I know I've 'shut up' some haters when directing them to a blog by someone who actually knows her personally.
    She got amazing reviews from this show. Not surprising.
    I love your blog. You seem like a really cool guy.

  10. you're the fly on the wall voice? it scares me! lol, but it's cool.

    (someone up there said that)

  11. Holly: I was walking around that sad little almost-carnival during the JB set, and just wandered in to take a few pics and that video. Then I went back to the dressing room.

    Yeah, that "Fly on the Wall" voice is pretty creepy. I have to channel Ethel Merman for that one.

    Elizabeth: we are playing at the Z100 show in New York next week. That's the only public full show we're doing on the east coast as of now.

    It's always nice to hear that you guys like what I'm writing. Thanks for reading!

  12. awh Mike i totaly come to your blog to read about you...
    those boys are just a good little side order :)

  13. i was wondering what the net jets show is in friend is going and we use them so can you please fill me inn???

  14. i was wondering what the net jets show is in friend is going and we use them so can you please fill me inn???

  15. i was wondering what the net jets show is in friend is going and we use them so can you please fill me inn???

  16. Mike, I was there all the way in the lawn

    but it was still awesome, we left after miley and then wondered around the "fair"

  17. yeah i guess there were like, a few people there. but nothing worth making a video about thats for sure.

    jay kay!

  18. haha mike. yes, i discovered your blog because of JB, but i do enjoy your witty insight on life. keep blogging <33