Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday, Noah!

Before I took off for Florida, I jaunted up to Seattle to see Noah for his first birthday.

I picked up my little rental sedan and drove straight from the airport to Noah's place. Nicole allowed me to try feeding him right away. Generally, he approved. I can't believe how much he's grown. Last time I saw him, he could only drink from a bottle. Now he's eating bananas, applesauce, cereal, and he can pick it up with his hands and put it in his mouth. I was delighted to see that he is still ridiculously adorable.

After that brief visit, it was bedtime for him, and I went to my wacky and inconsistent hotel, which had the hardest bed I can remember sleeping on. Basically a glorified floor. And not that glorified. Yet, it had a kitchen, with a full-size fridge, stove, microwave, etc. I couldn't figure it out.

My four day stay flew by, as Noah, Nicole, her friend Cortnie and I went to the farmers market, the local waterfall and to some strange nature parade, filled with costumed hippies posing as ostriches and multitudinous other creatures.

I discovered Noah's obsession with crackers:

"Ta Da!"

Played rollercoaster with his stroller (I promise he likes it), talked about current events (okay, not really), listened to music, and just generally bonded. What a special, amazing person he is. I love that little guy.

He opened his presents (with minor wrapping ripping assistance). My favorite thing that I got for him was a toy piano, which is a legitimate musical instrument. He really seems to love music, and has always been enthralled with the piano...or maybe I'm projecting. I have no desire to force him to do what I do, but if he enjoys the piano, I'm not gonna cry.

Don'cha just wanna pinch those little cheeks?

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  1. Awwww! He's SO cute!

  2. awww, so adorable!

  3. He's absolutely precious! And he looks like you, too.

  4. noah is the cutest baby i have EVER seen lol...i love his big eyes

  5. He HAS gotten big. Amazing! He's very cute, Mike. I mean, really frickin' cute. But hot damn, is there a lot of his mama in him. Those beautiful big eyes are very Nicole. You both must be very proud of him. Your schedule is too much for me, by the way. I leave it to you to email me when you're in town and actually have a couple of days to visit. I wish I knew where you were today - I'm so hot-diggity excited about going to see Midnight Madness at the Egyptian, but first playing in the... wait for it... scavenger hunt they've set up this afternoon! Sweet Golly, I can't wait! Hope to hear from you soon, Pennifer

  6. "I was delighted to see that he is still ridiculously adorable."

    I too am psyched every time I find my son not misshapen, bearded and speaking with a smoker's rasp. 'Cuz you just never know when that might happen. ;)