Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Do Not Have A Connective Tissue Disorder!

Easter Sunday was a complete blur, that began at church with my parents and ended watching an old high school friend in the national tour of Sweeney Todd. She was amazing.

Back in early October, my orthopedic diagnosed me as hypermobile with arachnodactly, which basically means that my joints are freakishly flexible and I have long fingers and toes. I also showed other symptoms that led him to believe I might have Marfans Syndrome. Marfans is mainly not that big a deal...except for the part where your joints basically fall apart due to looseness of connective tissue, and also your heart kinda explodes.

So this was something to look into.

I booked an appointment with a highly sought-after geneticist immediately after that diagnosis, and this geneticist was not available until today, March 25. That's a long wait to find out if you're gonna die soon.

After filling out an extremely thorough questionnaire (which I mailed in several months ago), with details on the history of my entire family, and another lengthy interview by a fellow today, the esteemed Dr. Rimoin entered the room, moved a couple of my joints around, listened to my heart, and basically gave me his blessing with a clean bill of health. That was quick.

He said he doesn't know what's going on with me, but it's not Marfans. And for that, I breathe a sigh of relief. Especially to know that I'm not passing it on to sweet little Noah.

And now, on to the next thing. At 7:45am tomorrow, I am to report for jury duty in the Los Angeles Superior Court. I really hope we don't go to trial, because I have to play the Kids' Choice Awards with Miley in a couple days. In order to avoid the jury, Ben says to be antisocial, creepy, and talk really slowly. Oh, also to glare at people like The Crow. I'm working on it. Something tells me "antisocial" won't be too hard at eight in the morning.

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  1. Mike, also when you go to jury duty just say stuff that is really negative or depending on the nature of the jury say you know someone that has had that happen to them and you do not feel you can judge this clearly based on previous experience. Maybe you will get lucky and it will be canceled like mine. My husband was almost on a quadruple murder trial 3 weeks ago as an alternate but the prosecutor let him go because he could not be clear on a death penality without undoubted evidence. Go figure. Good luck.

  2. Happy to hear about your 'clean bill':)! You're so funny. We miss your humor:).

    PS - Isabella's 2nd birthday party - Theme = Vintage Housewarming Birthday Party, in honor of her new play kitchen - will be Sat. April 5th ...if you happen to be in town or on Skype:)!


  3. Mike:
    Glad you don't have Marfan's. Good luck with jury duty and the Kid's Choice Awards....
    Gail B.

  4. Glad to hear you're in A+ health!

    At jury duty, just pretend like you know someone in the case and that you're gonna have a biased opinion. That always works!

    And I expect some awesome videos from the Kids Choice Awards this weekend!

  5. Mike, I am glad to hear that the doctor gave you good news about your health. Hopefully, the jury duty won't interfere with your playing the Kids Choice Awards show. That should be fun.

  6. Hey Mike:

    You can always postpone jury duty. Call them up and let them know. They will work with you and postpone to another date. Tell them Bob Piggott spoke with you.

  7. Mike so glad to hear you dont have Marfans. I just watched part of the kids choice awards and saw Miley win 2 awards. Hope you were able to get the jury duty postponed to be there when she performed.

  8. We watched the Kids choice awards, but couldn't see you.

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  10. you haven't updated in a while. hope everything is well.

    so, is the band sticking together to perform for miley (not hannah)? i see she's scheduled to perform at some radio shows and the Today Show.

  11. wow, i'm hypermobile too....crazy we could've done the freak show circuit back in the day