Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Schmid Island Did Not Sink Into the Ocean, I Promise

You may have noticed:  I haven't been blogging as much on this tour as I did on the previous one (unless you count all the Tweeting!).  Take this as a good sign.  It means I'm having much more fun this time around, not living in the dumpy post-apocalyptic wasteland of divorce and custody battles.  So this means I'm not hiding from the band in my bunk, writing pithy blog entries every second of every day.

But I do miss you.  Let me give you a hug.


I haven't forgotten you, loyal readers.

Here's a picture of a little monkey to cheer you up.

told you it was little.

Anyway, we're having a great time putting on a huge show full of singing and dancing and flying objects and explosions.

Now, I gotta go rock Schmid Island for our big make-up show here in Omaha. Then off to Texas!

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  1. aww i do miss you blogging your time out on road, but you are right go have fun and enjoy it.

    I stumbled upon this video of you rocking out on the keytar away from Schmid Island


  2. Hey, great video of you rocking out, and maybe that Miley girl singing too. It looks like your fan base is focused! Great to have you back all-the-while enjoying the tour too!

  3. Hey Mike! Happy to hear you are having a better go of it this year.
    Are any other crew/band members blogging? I know Sara is - anyone else? Tell Stacy Jones to chime in. :)

  4. I'm glad to hear your blogging less and out having good times with the band! Of course I like hearing how you're doing, but this little bit makes me happy for you.
    Miss you, Deb Barnhart