Saturday, September 12, 2009

Here We Go Again!

After many hours and days and weeks of rehearsals, we're ready to hit the road and perform our humongously entertaining show for you!

I've been packing all night; trying to cram 2 weeks' worth of clothes into a tiny weekender bag. Good idea, Mike. But eventually, I won. 

My computer is freshly upgraded (after I gutted the thing and replaced a couple parts... cause I'm too cheap to buy a new laptop), and all my gear has found a cozy home in my backpack.  I'm hoping to finish my new album on the road.

Flying out in the morning.

Portland, here we come!

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  1. Have a great tour, Mike! Can hardly wait to see you at the Staples Center!

  2. yayy have fun. Hope to see some updates and pictures on your adventure. Arent you gone until the end of the year. And you are only bringing 2 weeks worth of clothes? Well you are a guy.

  3. Travel safe & well...

    New album, yay!

  4. Have a fun and safe trip! Saw U perform, YOU are amazing!! Can't wait to see the show, heard it is AWESOME!!

    Can't wait for your new album! Love, love, love your music! Keep up the good work!