Sunday, May 3, 2009

American Idol

We pretaped this one two weeks before it aired. You may have noticed the copious amounts of fog during the song, that disappeared instantly when the song ended. The rest of the show was filmed live.

As with all these kinds of shows, the room was much smaller than it looks on TV.

I got to play a real piano for a change!

Rabbi McSchmid

The hat I wore for rehearsal was provided by Dahlia, our wardrobe lady, who decided that I looked too Jewish, and not "rock" enough. So I wore a different one for the show.

See the Idol logo reflected on the piano? And speaking of the Idol logo, I noticed that it looks suspiciously like the logo of the show's sponsor, Ford. This is definitely not a coincidence:

Subliminal Messages

Outside the dressing trailer with Brandi Cyrus

During rehearsal, we sussed out where the cameras were, and pretended we were on TV, accepting our Grammy.

( R.) Sara, Miley, me

This was clearly a waste of time, as we were just about to be on TV anyway.

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  1. Wow, what a great gig you are a part of........
    Cooooooooooool hat Mike!

  2. So you're saying that the Am Idol set is actually more like your living room all decked out than the Rotunda at the Statehouse? Aaaah the magic of television. And you then were actually playing Schroeder's toy piano instead of an 8 foot grand? And you really had look-alike stand-ins for the photo of you and Brandi? But I just know that the last pic was truly for the Grammy you and Brandi just won, with Miley and Sara cheering you on.


  3. Mike, thanks for sharing your pics from the American Idol gig. Yes, I definitely noticed the fog. It looked pretty thick on TV. I wish you all could have done the performance live. I like your hat that you are wearing in the pic with Brandi. I hadn't notice that the American Idol logo was similar to the Ford one, but now that you pointed it out, I surely can see it now.

  4. Hey, don't diss the fog man!
    I'm actually really happy you got to play a piano!
    Now convince Miley to take it on tour and you'll be rocking.

  5. i like about your pretends in accepting grammy award:D