Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Way Way Away

Still in Europe, doing a round of promo for Miley's "Breakout" album. WiFi access has been spotty at best for the last 3 weeks here, but I've taken buckets of pictures, so plan on full disclosure when I return next week.

Until then, here's a video of a monkey waiting tables:

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  1. How adorable!! Reminds me of my pet monkey Coco when I was growing up in Khartoum.

  2. You guys never come to Sweden :( You go to England, France, Germany but not Sweden. It's not fair, we're huge fans of Miley here. Please tell her that :)

  3. Hi Mike,

    Wow, you are sure doing some major globetrotting thes days. I saw you on a YouTube video doing a TV show with Miley in London, I think it was. Can't wait to hear all about your trip and see pictures.

    Have a safe trip!