Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sweet Sixteen

We've got some catching up to do. In bits. About a month ago, we played Miley's Sweet Sixteen birthday party at Disneyland. Several thousand screaming girls dragged their moms to see Miley sing, and also saw:

  • Billy Ray rockin' it out (yay!)
  • Justin and Brandy joining in on guitar (yay!)
  • Dancers on boat floats (I was worried for their safety)
  • Mickey Mouse (pretty sure that was a girl in the suit)
  • A jumbo check presented to charity (where do they get those made?)
  • Tyra Banks being odd ("she's just being Tyra")

Real Me on Fake Ride with Fake Miley

L to R: Mike, Jaco, Billy Ray, the Kay Hanley Mime

After that show, it was off to Europe.

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  1. Hi Mike,

    The Disneyland Sweet 16 Birthday Party for Miley must have been awesome. Thank you for sharing a little bit about it with us. As you know, I am a huge Billy Ray Cyrus fan and always love going to his concerts. I love Miley, too. Thanks for sharing your picture with BR. He does know how to rock out. You sure have been busy with Miley's many appearances. I can't wait to hear more about the trip to Europe. I saw you onstage in Nashville on GMA. I bet it was really cold that morning. Also, I love listening to your music while reading the blog.

  2. Yea I watch Miley on The Tyra Banks Show and after she interviewed Miley she went off and just explored the park...and she did act VERY weird! Well anyways looks like it was fun and I cant wait to hear about what else has been going on in your life. But thanks for sharing a little bit of what happened at her party!

  3. The sweet 16 was a good time. Where was Jamie?