Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pre-Order My New Album Now!

My brand new album, The House We Built, is available for pre-order at You can purchase it now, and it will ship to you on Tuesday.

You can also hear clips of every song on the new album at! Just click on the MEDIA tab.

I am very excited about this incredibly personal project and I would love your support!

Buy the CD
MIKE SCHMID: The House We Built
click to order

Once you receive your copy of the album, let me know what you think by writing a review at CDBaby, or commenting here.

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  1. your song clips are beautiful and sad. good luck in everything... your musical talent is, well, ridiculous. in that good way. i'm sure your ex wife is profoundly sorry for pain she caused you, and im sure (as these things do go)you cannot be aware of the pain she experiences. we lose perspective on one another, don't we? but im sure your sharing will help many, and i hope it has helped you. it's beautiful. but of course it is. you're mike schmid. what else would it be? :) shneebadoo.

  2. Wow, mike.
    I honestly didn't know you had such a good voice, I come here on your blog since... I don't even know when, since ages!
    I love your blog... and now that I heard some of your songs, I'm blown away.
    I love "Back To You" wow, truly amazing.
    I wish you the best in everything in your career and life, I am so glad that Miley has such an amazing band and dancers around her, y'all are amazing...
    And good luck with your new album, its awesome and I'm sure it will sell a lot! ;)
    Always coming here on your blog, heh.
    I love the behind the scenes videos and pictures of concerts/events and you always have interesting material as well...
    Good luck with everything!

  3. Hey Mike! (Garrett who runs omnipop: a music blog here.)

    I ordered your album from CDBaby. It seems they lost my pre-order because my CC was never charged and today I had to call them and ask what the h.e.-double hockey sticks was up, yo! LOL

    Apparently, they have a copy coming to me now and I'll review it for the blog the second I can sit down and listen to it.

    Have you given any thoughts to doing a B-Side/Demo compliation/collection? I really love the tracks on BroadJam but I would love them on a disc w/ artwork. Maybe a limited edition like "Snow Day" was on disc.

    Can't wait to hear the new LP!

    Take care,