Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Last Day of Kenna/ First Day of Hannah

I got back from Orlando on Sunday. What a whirlwind trip. We were in Florida for just about 24 hours. I was playing keys for Kenna at the Hard Rock Hotel for the Pepsi Smash event. We opened for the All-American Rejects. Here's a pic of the stage (courtesy of Amberwithafro):

They filmed the concert, but I'm not sure where or when it's airing. Kenna dragged me into the interview afterwards. They asked him when the new record is coming out. He looked at me and said "tell 'em Mike."

And I was like, "umm, next week or so?" How would I know? I'm just a "for hire" for a one-off!

Kenna said "October 16th" (I think that's what it was), and then again said, "tell 'em Mike."

And I, embarrassed, repeated, "October 16th."

So if you happen to see the show on TV, you'll probably catch me all redfaced under bright light.

In other news, today was our first Hannah Montana rehearsal. There's a lot of music. She's basically opening for herself, playing a set as Miley Cyrus before coming out and doing a whole set of Hannah stuff. So I have to learn and program synth sounds for about 30 songs. That'll take some time. I've got 8 down so far.

From what I hear, almost the entire tour is sold out at this point. The show at the Staples Center here in LA sold out within 2 minutes. And we'll be playing to some seriously large (10,000+) crowds every night. Sounds like a blast!

The band is rehearsing in a big soundstage and the dancers are rehearsing across the hall. We won't be joined by Miley until Saturday. I think we can get the band solid by then. I've got to get programming now though!

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  1. This Hannah Montana thing's pretty crazy. I'll never believe that she's Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter.
    I was hoping to catch you in St.L but it's sold out and I'm broke, alas, no Mike Schmid. sadness.

    give me a call if you get bored since we'll be along the same river coast
    Much love my man!


  2. You should hear about the hoopla here in ATL. It's crazy the disappointed kids and parents who can't afford the pricier tickets once it sold out. Can you believe they're going to have Hannah themed parties instead?

  3. Hey Mike, I'm the photographer for Yahoo! Music in Florida. I don't know if you will see the Kenna video as that was more of a warm up for the crew in preparation of the Rejects. They may do something with it; however, the producer didn't make a demand for the pictures I took of the Kenna set. At any rate, if it does show up then it will be on the Yahoo! Music website--the Reject project hasn't gone live as of yet, btw. Great Job, though, at the concert.